The Film of my life
  Slobodan Ivetic

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Danilo, a first assistant director in his prime, is sought-after and popular, and he works on prestigious productions with the top international directors. During a shoot in Tunisia, the country where he had spent his youth and childhood, he has an accident that reveals to him the horrible truth – he is suffering from pancreatic cancer and has only six months to live. He leaves the shoot and his good friends - the charismatic director Kowalski and the famous French film diva Nathalie - and returns to Belgrade where his father lives, as well as his brother Miroslav with his family. However, upon returning to Belgrade he is in for a few surprises. Milena, the woman he loves and with whom he has been in an informal relationship for many years, informs him that she is pregnant with his baby. He rediscovers his large film and video archive with footage he had taken on various occasions, practically since childhood, and he realizes that he had recorded certain moments in his life of which he had no conscious recollection. Danilo, who has never been particularly close to his family or to Milena, is now desperately trying to give a deeper meaning to the remainder of his life. And once again, as he had done countless times before, he turns to film. He is determined to use that extensive unrelated material that he had recorded to finally put together one film – a film of his life which he would leave to his unborn child. And yet, the time he spends with his family and friends, as well as his deep and painful introspection, will allow him to see his life in a different light and to redefine it completely.

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