The Film of my life
  Slobodan Ivetic

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Three lands, three nations, three cultures... One love story

What is the power of art and can it offer life the meaning it lacks? This is the main theme of this film. In the genre of a melodrama, through an unusual form that was created by interweaving fiction with private footage, as well as with the aid of footage taken on film sets, this film attempts to delve into the mere essence of our relationship with art. While traveling between Tunis, Paris and Belgrade and investigating the relationship between memories and the future, film and life, the main character tries to answer the questions that we all ask ourselves during the most intimate moments when we reexamine our innermost selves and our ambitions.

Slobodan Ivetić 


- Ministry of Culture of Serbia
- Ministry of Culture of Tunisia
- Executive Council of Vojvodina
- Tunisian Embassy in Belgrade
- French Embassy in Belgrade
- Serbian Embassy in Tunisia
- City of Belgrade

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