The Film of my life
  Slobodan Ivetic

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The Film of my life in Montreal!

Between August 23rd and September 3rd 2012 at the Montreal World Film Festival – the biggest film festival in North America – the project The Film of My Life received recognition once again. Due to its high quality, the screenplay has been chosen for presentation to producers at a kind of stock exchange for international projects. It has been included in the Project Book as one of the most interesting projects for next year. Because of its subject matter, its multiculturalism and the participation of a few internationally renowned names in the film, the project received an open invitation from the festival’s President Mr. Losique to participate in this A category festival that will take place next year.

Filming begins at end 2012.

A press conference took place at the French Cultural Center regarding the upcoming shooting of Slobodan Ivetić's film entitled The Film of My Life (Le film de ma vie), a joint production of Serbia, France and Tunisia, featuring an international cast and crew. 

Writer and Director Slobodan Ivetić, Production Designer Miljen Kreka Kljaković and Composer Aleksandar Sanja Ilić addressed the journalists, as did actors Ana Sofrenović and Branislav Lečić.

Director Slobodan Ivetić worked as assistant director in major film productions such as Andrzej Zulawski's Boris Godunov, Enki Bilal's Bunker Palace Hotel, as well as The Fortunate Pilgrim, and Lordan Zafranović's The Fall of Italy.

"Two years ago I came accross a container full of photographs, letters, books, rolls of 8 mm film and VHS tapes, and I started thinking about how someone's most cherished moments, someone's entire life, had ended up in the trash. Then I remembered all the film rolls, photographs, tapes and films that I have at home, and I felt a need to give meaning to all those "memory keepers", to somehow bring it all to life. This film speaks about passion towards film, about our past and memories, as well as about our dilemmas when it comes to art", says the director.

"This is a film about leaving behind a mark, a legacy that remains. It is a wonderful tribute to the film reel and to a time when films carried a secret, when they had weight and when not everybody could make a film, which the modern technology of today has changed completely", stated Ana Sofrenović, one of the film's main protagonists.

The film will be shot in Serbia, France and Tunisia at the end of 2012.

Lordan Zafranovic on Ivetic

"...The photographs and films of Slobo Ivetić were filled with endless love for the people he photographed and videotaped. Love captured during moments of happiness or sweet distress - it was a positive engagement of an honest eye. Today when we look at those photographs, it seems incredible how through that human eye, that mirror of the human soul, Slobo had managed to engrave his love into the mechanical eye of the lens and to reach the negative in the camera. People would say: the negative is also a positive. Look at those photographs and rewind the film to when the author made his choices, and there you will find the secret of Sloba's love towards film and people, which he actualizes with great effort and energy.’’

Lordan Zafranović

Dusan Kovacevic on Ivetic

Slobodan Ivetić was also a photographer in his "spare time", handling his camera as if it were his arm's natural extension. 

"...Discretely, almost invisibly, unnoticeably, and always with a smile, Sloba photographed actors, directors, film sets... from a friendly, human point of view. Many of his photographs are (today) part of the valuable legacy of the history of Serbian/Yugoslav/European film and an unavoidable testimony of "the seventh art".

Dušan Kovačević
Playwright and Director
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