The Film of my life
  Slobodan Ivetic

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About the film...

On the verge of reaching middle age, Danilo, a film professional and enthusiast who for years has been successfully participating in film projects across Europe and Africa, happens to discover a fact that would make him see his life in a completely different light.
Overnight, Danilo has been presented with a dilemma - how would he use the rest of his life, how would he give his entire existence a final meaning, and how would he leave this world in peace and harmony both with his surroundings and with himself. The fact about his imminent end raises a number of questions in his head, and also leads to a lot of searching. While Danilo restlessly attempts to give lasting meaning to his life, questioning his ambitions, memories and relationship to his loved ones, his country is experiencing a turning point as it staggers its way out of one of the toughest periods in its history.

Conveyed in the key of a melodrama - communicatively and intimately - the film analyzes the positions taken by several of its characters during the turning points of their existence. What constitutes a well-lived life? Is it love, leaving one's mark in art or being in harmony with one's surroundings? This film does not necessarily provide all the answers, but it raises the same questions that we ask ourselves during the most intimate moments...

From a special angle, the mere structure of this story - interweaving personal documentary material - speaks about film as a medium. Therefore, this film is also a tribute to the film reel because it gives an overview of the development of cinematography, from the amateur 8mm film and the super 8 to the 16 mm and 35 mm film, then the VHS, HI-8 and Mini DV, all the way to the modern electronic chip on the best professional digital cameras, which in the near future will replace rolls of film altogether.

At the same time, this cinematic imagery, which has changed and improved over time thanks to the development of film technology, will give the film a special visual identity, in combination with the dramatic elements of the story in which fiction and reality fuse together to make one whole. This film, dealing with the life of an individual living with film and for film, the life of an artist in a disintegrated society, offers all of the above, while constantly forcing the artist to reexamine his position, role and responsibility.

Essentially, this is a story about the relationship between two brothers who were in quiet conflict all their lives and who are growing closer and developing a new and more intimate relationship. It is a story about the divided Serbia that after many years is finally able to make peace with itself. In this way, Serbia is projecting a new image of itself to the world...

Slobodan Ivetić
Writer and Director

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