Le Film de ma vie
  Slobodan Ivetic

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Slobodan Pavićevic Pava



He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade –
Department of Film and TV Production.


As executive producer and production manager he worked on over forty Serbian feature films and co-productions, including:

2011 How I was Stolen by the Germans (directed by Miša Radivojević)
2008 The Tour (directed by Goran Marković)
2007 The Fourth Man (directed by Dejan Zečević)
2003 Singing Behind Screens (directed by Ermanno Olmi)
2002 The Labyrinth (directed by Miroslav Lekić)
1999 The White Suit (directed by Lazar Ristovski)
1998 Cabaret Balkan (directed by Goran Paskaljević)
1997 Three Summer Days (directed by Mirjana Vukomanović)
1997 To the Bone (directed by Slobodan Skerlić)
1995 Ulysses’ Gaze (directed by Theo Angelopoulos)
1995 The Burlesque Tragedy (directed by Goran Marković)
1992 Tito and I (directed by Goran Marković)
1989 Bunker Palace Hotel (directed by Enki Bilal)
1987 Women’s Day (directed by Branko Baletić)
1985 Taiwan Canasta (directed by Goran Marković)
1983 Balkan Express (directed by Branko Baletić)
1982 Variola Vera (directed by Goran Marković)
1981 Plum Juice (directed by Branko Baletić)
1979 Burning (directed by Boro Drašković)
1979 National Class Category Up to 785 ccm (directed by Goran Marković)
1977 The Smell of Wild Flowers (directed by Srđan Karanović)
1977 Special Education (directed by Goran Marković)
1976 Ozračeni (TV film directed by Gerard Poteau)

TV series:

He worked on over 100 episodes of famous television series, including:

1987-1991 Bolji život (A Better Life)
1984 Kamiondžije (Truck Drivers)
1981 Duvanski put (Tobacco Road)


2001-2003: FEST Director
2007-2011: Executive Producer of the SOFEST film festival in Sopot.

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